NikeSniper: A Add To Cart Bot

Available for: Mac, iOS, PC, and Android


What is NikeSniper?

A piece of software to help you purchase Releases from at blazing speed.

If you've ever tried purchasing a pair of kicks from, you know first hand it's ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. You deal with errors, site crashing, slow loading, cart jacking, out of stock etc.. All while sitting at your computer and or mobile device: Clicking and Scrolling like your life depended on it, just to obtain the release you want. For most, more times then not, it ends in FAILURE..Right? Worse part of all, if you really want those kicks you're now stuck paying reseller prices. NikeSniper is here to help remedy this issue, utilizing the latest technologies it automates the entire process. From; Logging you in to your account automatically, to getting shoes in your cart. Dealing with all the inbetween headache, as fast as programmatically possible. NikeSniper was developed soley by me, nikebandit. The originator of an Add To Cart Platform for iOS and Android devices, paving the way for others.


Support for All Major Platforms

Work's on all your favorite devices. Wether it's an iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android Device.

Twitter Streaming + Scanning

Uses Official Twitter Live Streaming API's to Scans Tweets for links based on your configurations.


Automatic CAPTCHA Solving! The bot automatically solves Nike's CAPTCHA for you, in LESS then a HALF a SECOND


There are several ways to secure your kicks. Twitter Scanning, Style # and Early/Countdown Link Monitoring.

Launch Calendar

Built in Launch Calendar showing all upcoming releases directly from Nike. Also has the ability to set reminders/alarms for releases.

24/7 Support & Free Updates

Contact us anytime and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. ALL updates are provided to you at no additional charge.

Users Success

...just a few...

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I use it?

Once purchased, you're free to use as many times and as often as you'd like. There are no restrictions.

This is an UNLIMITED BOT, there is no "1 Time Use" option available.

How hard is it to use?

NikeSniper was developed with the end user in mind. The User Interface is kind on the eyes, easy to understand and quick to setup.

Is there a guarantee?

No. There is no guarantee, this Application only assists you by raising your chances. There are times where it still may fail. With that being said, as a Digital Product/Download there are also NO REFUNDS. All Sales Final

Can I use it on multiple Computers and or Devices?

No. Each Computer and or Device requires a new purchase. You will be able to manage your account and have options for switching in the near future.

Do I have to pay for Updates?

No. Each purchase comes with FREE updates.

Platforms & Pricing

Below are the available Platforms and respective pricing for each Bot.


    • Min. Required: iOS7+
    • Twitter Scanning/Streaming
    • Multiple Releases Simultaneously
    • Search by Style #
    • Early Link Monitor
    • Countdown Monitor
    • Launch Calendar
    • Automatic Captcha Solver
    • Nike EU(UK)/China/Japan Support
  • Mac (NIKE ONLY)

    • Min. Required: OSX 10.8+
    • Twitter Scanning/Streaming
    • Multiple Releases Simultaneously
    • Search by Style #
    • Early Link Monitor
    • Countdown Monitor
    • Automatic Captcha Solver
    • SMS Notifications
    • Nike EU(UK)/China/Japan Support
  • Mac & iOS (NIKE ONLY)

    • iOS & Mac Bot(s) Package.
  • Unlimited Upgrade

    (For Mac Only)

    • Unlimited slots
    • Unlimited Proxy slots
  • Superior iOS Bot (Supreme ONLY)

    • •Requires iOS 9.x+
    • •Blazing Fast Product search by Keywords
    • •Unlimited Tasks
    • •Full Autocheckout
    • •Unlimited Billing profiles
    • •App Background Support - Run tasks while NOT in the app
    • •Proxy Support
    • •Supreme US, JP, and EU Supported!
    • •Free Updates
    • (IMPORTANT: There is a $30 seasonal renewal-fee. FW16 is on me!)